I have enjoyed setting up my wiki and reading what others have said in theirs. Once again I am amazed and a little horrified at how we can become sucked in by this medium. For example…

I am a member of Facebook, having primarily joined to follow the progress of a friend’s son after he was in a very bad car accident two months ago. They set up a group for him and are able to log daily reports which are available to over 2,500 people who have joined the group…amazing! He is making excellent progress after being in a coma for over a month…good news! I have also made contact with a friend from school who I last saw too many years ago to mention…amazing!

However, I now have to limit myself to browsing throuh all the family and friends’ posts, invitations, photos, messages etc. as I could spend hours ‘wasting’ my time…horror!

But, as they say, all things in moderation, and if used for good Web 2.0 is a wonderful thing!


Blogs… in my view

This is great! I was feeling left behind in this 21st century world of communication. Now is my chance to catch up and I have a great feeling of empowerment. I can talk to the world… and it can talk back to me!

How can I use this new tool?  Personally I might create a blog to review and discuss the books I read. I could also keep my friends overseas amused with the idiosyncrasies of people on  tubes and trains and stations in London. 

At work, it would be a good way to discuss ideas within working groups. It would also be a good way for readers to be kept informed about new stuff in their libraries, such as the latest books purchased, both hard copies and electronic.  Book reviews and recommendations by readers would be good too. Any other ideas?  Please share them!